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Default Re: OK, absolute newb here.......

Sorry, Agreen, I only recommend steel over aluminum for ease of repair. If properly constructed, aluminum will hold up just fine, better in some cases I'd imagine, but if, IF something did happen, steel is easier to fix, i.e. weld.

Mr. Kevin has expressed newbageness, I expressed the opinion I felt best suited. However, the skyhawk style frame has produced some beautiful builds, and I know a lot of members are hard on their bikes, myself included. I'm sure Kevin knows to do his homework and gain some experience before developing his own opinions on motorized bicycle frames, and that it will evolve, for instance, I've recently convinced myself that a stretch cruiser frame, with pedals forward is perfect for my own lanky frame. I just have to ride one to find out, unfortunately, I'll have to buy it to learn...

Kevin, I'm sure you'll have to do something similar. All the best photos in the world won't tell you how it feels while you're on it. I built Tanglebones out of dire need to save on boots, he was perfect and still is, a number of threads document my ongoing love affair with my bike, but now I have an idea for another perfect bike. Tanglebones and I will not be parted, but his name does have a literal meaning, I could be more comfortable.

On that note, try out the skyhawk, despite my earlier advise, it's actually not a bad idea. But only buy and build one, you and your wife will be able to tell if the frame and motor are what you want.

Only one more thing for this ramble...

Consider the weight. You want to avoid towing behind your RV, that means lifting. A ChinaGirl KIT ships at 25lbs, add weight of bike and sleep on it. Tanglebones weighs 55lbs. I can't quote fourstroke weights....but, two strokes are renowned for higher power to weight ratios, twos are lighter for a given engine size (typically). As for hills, it's 50 miles from work to the ranch, and Heber is 1000 feet higher than snowflake AZ, yet I only pedal to start... No good for exercise, I know, just sayin...

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