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Default Re: OK, absolute newb here.......

I disagree with the aluminum bashing. I own one of those frames and have driven the snot out of it over the past year. It's showing zero signs of stress fractures. The key is tighten everything down, don't use rubber engine mounts, and use a good suspension fork. The frame is also known as a gt2-a or gt2-as. Several people here have them, and I have not yet heard of a cracked frame yet. And I'll be willing to bet if there is one, it's one of those awful "80cc" unbalanced 2 strokes that will vibrate your body so bad you won't want to ride for more than 10 minutes.

Take a look in the "pictures" section. There's a thread just for that frame. You can see some real quality work some people put in to them.
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