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Default Re: Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

Originally Posted by sbest View Post
I can't say anything to that. I was a soldier in a skirt (kilt).

1st Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders
Where a man is measured by the size of his sporran!

So that's what you guys call it... I was sitting at a coffee shop with my elderly Mother months ago and a dude walked by in a Kilt. I think it was about the time of the local Highland games. Moms Quote " Why is that nice looking man wearing a skirt"? I about passed out... My family has been to many a gathering of the Clans but shes getting so old she didn't recognize a proper Kilt. Dude even had a nice Dirk in his sock. ( that's what I call it ) Whenever I ride to the local ACE Hardware for parts I take the bike in with the gas shut off and mostly run out of the float. Don't think Id feel right taking into a restaurant. Electric sure. Your restraint is admirable MM
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