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Default Re: Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

That's about how I saw it Sarge... Bad day for him, good story for us.

To steal a line, his mouth wrote a check his ass couldn't cash. I ain't exactly big and bad, but I've got a right cross that was bred from the unlikely coupling of a sledge hammer and chain lightening. I've said it before, and its still the gospel truth, everyone wants to fight the Kaveman, right up till he starts swinging his fists about. Its amazing how fast some folks can run in reverse.

Violence is the only true universal language. If a non English speaking driver cuts you off, he may not understand your screamed oaths, or the offensive gesture you made. But a brick through the windshield at the next light will get your point across. DONT DO THAT, NO MATTER HOW MUCH FUN IT SOUNDS!!!!!
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