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Default OK, absolute newb here.......

......and looking for info. Might even be looking for info for at least a year so I have a solid plan ( And of course, enough money to build two bikes for an older married couple). A little background might be in order. In my fifties, in good shape but a lifetime of manual labor pretty much done in the joints with arthritis. Wife also, bad car accident did her knees in. Have a couple of Giant electric bikes. They're OK on flat ground but we live in a hilly rural area. We don't care about pedaling on flat ground, after all, we use these for exercise too. But the e-motors won't tackle the hills here. We can pedal to assist but still working hard. Knees and hips are screaming the next day. I also know my way around a regular bicycle pretty well. Been working on them off and on for years. Between ours, the stepsons, all his friends, family etc. Once the word gets around type of deal. Huh, and pretty soon the granddaughters! And probably their friends! So yeah, I'm mechanically inclined and good with my hands.

These will be ground up builds. So I already decided on 79cc Predators( with 49cc stickers, being in Pa and all). Not that my locals will care, they'll probably stop us to ask questions and want their own! With Qmatic drives.

My current question is about this frame:

I have not seen a lot about this frame here. And I have punched in search various phrases about aluminum and frames, etc. I have seen one where the motor mount cracked. I know a gentleman who is a certified welder who does TIG. He also builds custom Harley's. I'm sure he'll do some gusset work for me on this frame. The wife and I really like the built in gas tank idea. The roads here are rough. Chip and oil style. But not much traffic to force you over to the bad stuff. Will be used a little off road in Tioga County to get around the family getaway property, but that's an occasional thing.

Planning on springer forks, disc brakes and will have more questions about gearing and climbing hills in the future. Not looking for speed demons(yet!). Looking for basic, reliable haulers. I am planning on a small trailer for mine. As we're climbing in years, we're looking at B class motor homes. These builds will compliment this type of vacation nicely.

Thank you in advance for any info on these frames or anything else about aluminum frames. I'm personally leaning towards steel for strength, but I do like how everything is built into that aluminum one.
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