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Default Re: West of Chicago

We're glad you joined up.

I don't think you need to be too concerned about legality since bikes of this type are legal in Illinois. Within certain limits. In 2010 the Illinois Vehicle Code was amended to include us.

I think I can list the relevant sections. Though it's been a while. But I think it's sections 140.14 and 140.4 that describe something a lot like a happy time/china girl bike. Limit of 50 ccs, top speed of 20 mph, rider does not have to shift gears and, probably, one or two other criteria that I don't remember.

Most of us have bikes that step over the line a little bit in one way or another. And there's room for people to argue with us if they want. For instance, does our manual clutch violate that whole 'automatic transmission' thing? I say No. But someone who wanted to argue could take that route.

But most of us have found that law enforcement simply doesn't care about us as long as we behave like mature and polite members of the traffic community.
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