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Default Re: Rusty Shackleford

No pics, but I fabbed up a new intake and exhaust. I bolted the PZ19 on, but didn't have a throttle for it. I have a cable, but no twist grip, and couldn't find the thumb shifter I thought I had. No gas tank either, but some zip ties and a cleaned out mountain dew bottle made a good makeshift one.

So I had the jetting off by a good bit, and had to zip tie the choke shut. I had to pull on the throttle cable by hand, and the 20oz soda bottle wasn't really spill-proof. But sandpaper couldn't take the smile off my face after riding around the block on my completely free, completely custom sack of crap! It was an experience! I love it!

Now to fix a couple things, give it some legitimate parts (throttle, gas tank, brakes) and make it actually look like something I would be proud to ride.
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