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Default So much for upgrades.

After a great bit of fiddling on my out of the box Boygofast kit sprocket to get it to mesh properly with the chain,I thought it might be prudent to get a proper unfiddled with sprocket,even though I had it working great.Heck,I don't feel right if I go more than a week without throwing some amount of money at my bike.
And so I did.Well I could see straight out the keyway on the new sprocket was way to small.Removed the key and after careful measuring and yet more fiddling got a good fit to key.I go to install it only to discover the sprocket bore is about.01 undersized.While I have a lathe I don't have a 15mm reamer or bit and I don't want to turn this into a $50.00 sprocket,so I chucked it in my tool box(graveyard)and think maybe a heavy duty precision chain might improve matters,not that there was anything wrong at this point.
Received new chain today and enthusiastically mended to length and installed.
I noticed it was a little rough going over sprocket but probably just needed a good breaking in as did the first one.So off I go,running good and about the time my engine is warming up and hitting it's stride it suddenly revs up with loss of power and I think oh boy,I get to fiddle with my clutch.When I look down I find my new chain draped over my lower fork and dragging down the road.Seems the mending link fell apart in spite of the fact I was very careful about installing it.
One thing I learned from this whole fiasco is in the event of a brake down to carry tools necessary to remove the chain as my bike peddles pretty good without the fricking chain on it.Next I plan to upgrade plug wire.Can't wait to see how that turns out.Will post the outcome.LOL Ron
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