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Default Edited: Enclosing an air cooled engine for pusher trailer (single track)


Enclosed Air Cooled Engine using 80 - 120CFM 12Vdc fans, and placing it on a trailer to push any bicycle. Swapable! Can be done!

Here is the picture of the trailer I will be making.

I've been thinking about making a pusher trailer out of a engine kit and enclosing the engine to totally reduce the sound, this will enable me to ride on bicycle pathways without getting "The Look" aka "Eyeballed"

I read Dax is good, Honda is best, Predator/Power Fist are Honda clones and not as good. But Honda engines are pricey, clones are not. is good is good is good too

I am thinking ~100cc, 125cc or 160cc engine. But I want a high quality, reliable kit. I am 350lbs, riding a 1994 Specialized Rockhopper, but I most likely will get into a 2010 full suspension brand name bike, Rocky Mountain or Specialized are my brands. Maybe Trek, whatever I can find.


What is the "ride-ability" downside to having a pusher trailer to motorize a bicycle? I cant do any jumps with a trailer like that I know. What about going over curbs at high speed curbs, 10-15mph. Can it climb a 30% slope on loose packed dirt/gravel.

I might look into setting it up on the rear rack. But the weight issue up that high and so far back is a big disadvantage. A better idea is to set it up on the side of rear wheel hub, make it look like a large pannier bag or something. An odd setup would be at the 3:30 o'clock position on the wheel.

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