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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Got my new mag and CDI from Dax today, my bike has never run so smooth! I've got to do a speed run after work tomorrow, once I put the speedo back on, I've already got the 44t back on, for now.

My used plastic fenders came off in pieces, so it's time to find a new set of mud catchers... Maybe not... Also tomorrow I'll finish up my new rack, which is an old one I've cobbled some baskets to, we'll see how it works out. Think I'll try out a dynamo head light, I'm not yet ready to wire a battery into my lighting system, but ise thinking on it. New breaks will probably be my next investment, u figure I've gotten just about all the use out of these I can. It is no longer possible to skid a wheel, and levers, return springs, heck everything has just about had it. Not sure if I'll go to a bike shop and have it Johnny on the spot, or go online, and pay a decent price...
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