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Originally Posted by bluegoatwoods View Post
Yeah........there've been times when I've grown discouraged with these happy time engines. After my fist two I walked away from them for a couple of years. Other periods when I've just had to take a rest were shorter. But they haven't been exactly infrequent.

I've loved my motored bikes. But it's something like loving people. Yes, it's worth it. But it's not always joyful.
The FD kit was the opposite of this kit. It just worked. I regretted getting rid of the FD. I stopped riding it because I commute by bike to work for exercise and wasn't driving it that much. The only issue I had was the mitsu clone had some parts vibrate off. Once the Tanaka was put on no more problems.

Electric has a lot of positives and some negatives. Mostly cost and weight. I've got the bike and it has handled ~4k miles of commuting With only the front detailer breaking. Fuji makes awesome bikes
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