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Default Gave My MB away

Bought a dax 2 stroke motor and installed it. Every time it's taken for a ride something happens. I've replaced the cylinder base gasket twice. Finally got is sealed and then the exhaust gasket goes. No biggie, replaced it. Now the case gasket that seals the two halves of the case is leaking and the leak at the base gasket is back. This is supposed to be a car replacement for me and my daughter, who rides in a trailer behind. (well she was going to once i got the bike "fixed") No big deal if I get stranded but I cannot get stranded with my 8 year old daughter. I'm tired of throwing money and time at this bike.

I'm not blaming the kit. I knew going in that these motors are prone to problems, but at this point I've lost my faith in the bike. Maybe it was foolish to think that I could use one of these motors to haul me and my daughter around. Such is life and no sense in getting riled up about it.

Two great things have come from this.

First I learned so much putting it together. My mechanical skills are better and I've gained an understanding of what is involved keeping one of these running. It has also taught me patience.

Second, my nephew can ride it to school instead of walking 3 miles. The problems with the bike have been explained to him and his father, who is willing to tackle them and agreed to take the bike. His father is more than capable of keeping the bike running and on the road. They benefit by being able to work on something together and giving the bike a new life.

I've decided to buy a SBP electric kit and install it on my Fuji hybrid bike. Getting the beast kit, with a 50V 23.6ah battery. Should be good for about 50 miles without pedaling, considerably more if pedaling is involved. Because it is going to be used as a car replacement my wonderful, beautiful wife, who I don't deserve(I've kept her fooled all these years) agreed to the expense.

With the skills learned installing the CG I think I can do the electric build.

If i were going to buy another gas kit i'd stick with a Staton FD kit, which I've had before. Very reliable.

I can see the appeal of these china girl kits if you like to tinker.

If I had the choice of going back and doing it over, I wouldn't change a thing.
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