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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I am extremely diassappointced in this engine (60cc bicycle flying horse). build went well,fired right up! HOWEVER after about 10 days
the clutch goes up!?. New pads easy to get. The clutch however was near impossible to get right. it had to be absolutely perfect!!!! not easy!!! ok alright. 3 rides (maybe 5 miles) the magneto goes NO SPARK!!! There not to many more parts left to go bad in such a simple engine. I was impressed with the build and first start of this machine and bought another one for backup. THIS WILL BE THE LAST ONE I EVER LOOK AT!!!! I got two years out of my first machine. they were great! If possible i guess i will go back, if not, i will find another. I am sure it wont be hard. I will be posting this letter on all the web-sites and forums that I have encountered along my journey. dont mean much but maybe i have alittle respect out there.
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