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Default 20" KTMc GP Socal Racer

This is the second build of this bike. The first time I took it to the races and it had every little problem you could have and it really seemed to be jinxed! None of the problems were related to the build, just murphys law I guess. I told myself I would never take it to the track again.
But Now I have cut off the front triangle I built for it last time and I have stretched the wheelbase and changed the fork rake along with other changes so it will be a new bike and hopefully wont be such a hastle next time I race it.
Since its kinda a rebuild it wont be so much work, I can reuse the engine mounts and most of the parts. This time I will use clip on bars and a full fairing so it will be a mini GP bike. The front fairing in the pics is too small and I have the right sized one ordered but it will be 4 weeks before it shows up.

Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye, then its just fun!
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