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Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
Seems that a lot of people think they can't use 3/4" clutches on 5/8" shafts, but you can get sleeves with the key slot in,so they will fit. Just have to get the right keystock, like 3/16" x 1/4". I did a search and found mine at Fastenal. Had some old clutches and just didn't want to by new when i had good ones, ( hope they are good) ............Curt
On the opposite note:

The other way from 3/4 to 5/8 shaft reducer is something I was looking to find at one time. Unfortunately it is not just that the shaft is lengthened in the process, but I found the cost of the item varies between 100 to 400 dollars. If anyone sees shaft reducers that are less cost, then rather than buying another clutch I might use one of these. It is also pertinent to know if the belt or chain is going to fit in the new location further from the crankcase wall.

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