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Default Re: Anyone took their bike to college?

I'm actually a staff-member at a college in NY, and I use my ride as a daily commuter. Mobos aren't legal here, and our campus police are certified NYS cops. They NEVER give me a problem though. I ride respectfully to the pedestrians and use common sense. We have some great bike-paths on campus as well. I'm in my 40s, so maybe I pass for "mature" (even on this thing!) and can get away with it. It's a dream-commute; I ride right up to my building's entrance, which has a bike-rack and overhang right at the door. No locking it up either. I know students can get into mischief (I sure did) but I think they are grown-up enough to know that not only would they face arrest for pilfering it, they'd also face expulsion. I say go for it! Just don't ride like a sexual-organ.
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