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Default Re: stealth gas tank

I use to have the china made rear rack gas tank. The only problem with it was the cap mounted flush with the top of the tank so under acceleration the gas sloshes to the back away from the fuel pet cock and then leaks through the cap. No matter what i couldnt get it to seal... Now the newer design from spooky tooth puts the cap at the front but it still mounts flush... & still leaks but under braking now, my friends got one. Since the fuel pet cock is at the front, when the tank is low on fuel it all sloshes to the back and the motor is starved for fuel. I ended up scrapping the entire kit except for the rack itself. I made a new gas tank out of 16 gauge sheet metal to mount under the rack out back. It is just a square box that holds 1.33 gallons. I used my old gas tanks short filler neck and made an extension out of pipe to bring the cap to about 3". I put a baffle inside to slow the fuel sloshing around (bigger than the one in the china made one...) and welded a bung on the front of the tank for the fuel petcock. I then welded a piece of pipe inside the tank to the bung and made it long enough to reach to the back of the tank. Basically when under accel all the gas will be pushed to the back and through the pipe and out the front of the tank. It works quite well and gets all but about a 1/2 cup of gas out of the tank. Obviously if you want it a little more stealth you could make my design smaller (closer to 1/2 gallon) and with a bag on top no one would see it -Justin
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