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Default Re: Hello from midAmerica

Even if the magnet (rotor) is installed wrong you'll still get ignition, spark. It will just be at the wrong time. I'll again suggest you replace the boot with something better than comes in most kits. Some newer kits are now coming with better boots that snap onto a spark plug with the top cap installed. The older ones required removal of the cap and only made contact with the threads on the top of the plug. The way they connected to the wire was also questionable.

You might also want to check those bullet type, push-on connectors that are used on the blue and black wires. We've seen them crimped on the insulation and making no contact with the conductor. We always suggest cutting them off and joining the wires with a soldered connection to assure good electrical continuity.

What plug gap are you using? .024 to .028 is a good starting point.

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