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Default Hello from midAmerica

I am on my first build (66cc) in Huffy crusier and have done just about everything to get this thing to fire up but not getting any spark. The mag test good to the ohms that I have read here in the forum. But my coils (4) of them all new test from 6.1 to 7.0 on the 20 oms scale which is a lot different from what I have read they should be. (tested from boot to black wire) The only thing I haven't tested is the magnet timing to the key way. Can someone tell my if my coils are all bad? All connections are good when I tested for spark with plug pulled and resting on the head. Two of my new coils just shipped in from vender in China and they say they were tested at factory but will not tell me what kind of test they did. I have two motor kits and have switched mags and coils between the two and bought the two new ones. Can all of these coils be bad or am I missing something ? Help!
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