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Default Re: Rusty Shackleford

Thank you, thank you!

The tensioner is just a piece of 3/16" flat stock welded between the stays, 2 holes drilled about 2" apart and I cut the middle out to allow the tensioner to slide up or down. Seems to work well, and I won't worry about it jamming in my spokes.

So it's almost ready. I still have to figure out the exhaust. Otherwise my crotch will catch fire since the 1" stub is pointed right to my boys. I also need to make a gas tank, which is currently being processed. I bought a large can of cheap coffee for work, and they're all complaining about it... as they drink the free coffee. Once it's empty I'll be brazing it together. Also, I'm not using the stock carburetor. It's really more of an off/on switch since it was a pressure washer, after all. So I have a PZ19 leftover from another build that I'll have to make another custom manifold for. The front brake is still in the works too. I haven't found the spokes I want yet. If huffy bikes can have 12ga spokes, then why is it that 12ga spokes (for only one wheel) cost half of a huffy? $40 for spokes and nipples seems a bit much. There's got to be a supplier out there that just sells plain jane spokes at the size I need. I just haven't found it yet. I think that this one's going to have a thumb throttle too, since I have a thumb shifter from an old bike that has been sitting around. I'm thinking if I remove the clicker from it, the return spring in the PZ19 should be strong enough to make it return.

Anyway, progress is still slow, and probably will be for a few more weeks.
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