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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

OK, I've not posted here in a while. I've placed a link to show my progress and although I deleted some of the recording time I've held on one or two videos. This is a simple video shows off an old seconds Montgomery Wards 30's bike frame. I got lots of parts to play with but this is what I've managed so far. This setup is a 48 cc 2 stroke the piston ID is punched out as much as anyone dare to and the connecting rod is ground round on each side to remove weight as well allow increased millimeters vacuum area. Setup includes 50 mm air-oil fork, 3 piece crank and conversion kit for peddle power reeds mini expansion chamber RSE Reed Kit Rocket CDI and Regina 415 just added a GT 5 billet aluminum cylinder head it fits and fires well so far, not shown only run it for a minuet had to replace the gasket on the reed kit.This bike has three welded motor mounts the frame is 42'' x 18''.Still awaiting a few parts. This bike is one of the tougher bikes anyone could work with and yeah the frame had to be cut and re welded to fit the sprocket in place top speed with a 44 T on this setup is slightly better than 30 mph currently the 48 cc is choice over the 66/80 here it is lighter with less vibration at upper RPM level but less torque at lower RPM. Enough coaster brake most of the time .
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