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Default Re: Another hello from Hobart Australia

Originally Posted by Weedylot View Post
I must temper the statement about motor assisted bikes being welcome here. Refer to my most recent rant on the "I saw you..." thread. There are three electric bike dealers and at least two motorized bicycle dealers and builders. The nice shiny factory made electrics are priced beyond the reach of dirtball types. Mopeds (Puch, Tomos, Motobecane etc.) and scooters (Vespa, G.S, Honda Elite, Yamaha Razz, etc.) are required to have tags, insurance and drivers' license, leaving two stroke motorized bicycles the vehicle of choice for those that are trying to hide something, around here that is...
Due to their low price, motorized bicycles attract a certain demographic around here. It's not always a positive looking demographic. The police are well aware of the situation. Motor assisted bikes and motorized bicycles are scrutinized heavily in some areas of the city and by certain police officers.
I've been warned by other MBers to keep it totally legal, or else.
I suspect that the only way to go in Australia would be registration as motor vehicles. It would be impossible to classify them as motor-assisted bicycles under the current situation.

The key issue is speed. Bicycles typically remain below 20 mph. motorized bicycles fit between bicyles and scooters. The police do need to be able to identify dickheads if they mess it up for everyone.
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