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Default Re: Reliable towing motor

I check everything on my motors once a week and my honda goes to the shop every 100 hours. She had a clean bill of health last time I took her home, I promise its not a maintenance issue. I put 4000ish miles on my honda, half of which was 2000 foot elevation change up hill and pulling a trailer.

My first china girl I totally ****ed up and that was my fault, I had no idea hat I was doing. The second one was more powerful than my honda, that thing did 30 - 40 mile commutes 5 days a week for 2 years. I had do change the magneto coil and the CDI every 6 months because Hawaii but she did it. That is until I go hit by a car and the head cracked, she was never quite right after that. So I tried a new engine 66/80cc, and the pin bearings exploded into the piston chamber 100 miles after break in. Finally I gave up, it was the third china girl in 3 years. I already had the honda from a belt drive kit that my fiance bought, I'll tell ya cinder and exposed belts are a bad mix.

So I converted her to a chain drive, but I had to forsake most of my bike gears to do it. She runs good, but just doesn't pull the same as the china girl did.

Sorry, that post kinda got a way from me. I'll take a look at your build and see if I can learn anything, thank you.
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