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Originally Posted by ZipTie View Post
As much as one can try there are just to many angles that kit rag joint sprocket can go and will always wobble just enough to cause chain problems.
I beg to differ...
Apparently you don't know how to install a stock sprocket propery.
Done right I find them better than any clam shell.

If a bolt or two get loose on a stock mount you tighten them, no damage.
If anything gets loose on a clam shell hub mount the bolts that go through to your spokes will take them out causing catastrophic failure.

It's not hard, you just need something you can put the wheel in a spin it to true it.

And note, some sprockets come warped!
Always put the sprocket on a hard flat surface to make sure its true.
Heck, I must have a dozen here that were warped on delivery.

One thing is true, you can't ever get a warped socket true regardless the mount.
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