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Default Pull start and bearings

First, I have a ton of miles on my engine. It's been good to me. The first summer I had it, I killed the magneto side bearing. I replaced it with a quality bearing, and never looked back. I recently added a pullstarter, the kind with the arms on the part that mounts to the crank. I love it, then my bearing fails within 100 miles. Could be a coincidence I guess, with the many miles and my habits of riding hard.

Anyone had any balance issues or bearing failures after pullstarter install?
I just bought a new engine and I'd like to keep the pullstarter, but not if it's a killer.
The "other" design pullstarter seems like it might be nicer to bearings as the arms are on the recoil side, so the magneto side is just solid and more easily balanced.
I'd like to hear if anyone else has suffered a similar fate.

The good news is I probably will end up with a better engine to start with now.
Looking forward to thousands of more miles.

Unnecessary pic, since everyone loves pics. Yes it has had a 49cc head for the last 500 miles or so.
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