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Default Re: 50cc GY6 on a Bicycle??

Originally Posted by cannonball2 View Post
Heres a couple of pics of my scoot. Chose the Ruckus style as the engine is instantly accessible. Paid $699(plus shipping of course) and probably spent more than that in mods. You can forget the iffy experiences with the CG engines with the GY6. This is of course a Honda designed unit and I understand in the latter years of usage by Honda some were made in China, so they (then) were built to Hondas standards. Still seem to be. Some times the scooter part is a bit crude in execution but the engines seem to all be of good quality. I have run the absolute crap out of this one with no issues. The engine is modded with a big bore kit, high comp big valve head, perf cam, 30mm carb with free flow intake clocked to face the front, unlimited CDI, header/free flow exhaust and a hi-torque starter to handle the increased compression. The CVT has just about as many upgrades. Swapping weights is a snap(you can even mix em) to get just the curve you want. I also upgraded the stock wheels to 3" wide version with sticky higher speed rated tires, along with the brakes. Handling is excellent for a scoot.
Acceleration is immediate and I surprise a lot of M/C riders for the fist couple of hundred feet at traffic lights.

Somebody please do a build bike around one of these!
You paid $700 total for the whole scooter? Where'd you buy it from?
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