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Default Re: What the heck is this

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
so far, I see no mention of these on bikeberry
Nor do I, but that is your typical 'slow boat from China' scenario.

Anyway, just to keep everyone the loop, here is the e-mail I got today.
Don't you love the Chinese conversion to English translation? hehehe.

Hello Friend,

Thanks for your kind information!

I have checked your website already.Sure you the right broker that we are looking for.

Sincerely to cooperate with you in the field of our newest bike engine.

The truth of newest bike engine is 69cc.His bore*stroke is 47mm*40mm.

One sample can be delivered for your test in advance.You can pay via pay pal.

Total payment is $344 USD (be delivered to you door/including pay pal fee)

In order you know more details of this new engine,attached the speicification for you.

By the way,we are the only dealer of this new engine in the world. Also,Grube don't have this new engine in stock.

If he need it,he has to buy this new engine from us.

May i know your opinion?And how many do you buy in your bulk order?

Wait for your fast reply!
Best regards & Akili Cui

Jilin Zeda Technology Co.,Ltd
Whatsapp/Tel:+86 177 9005 6990
Facebook:Akili Cui
Linked in:Cui Akili
1)Exchange Rate:USD:RMB=1:6.1
2)Validity of all Price:15 days!
Obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer but being honest other than claiming 5HP in the spec sheet, that is yet to be scene.

I replied to the e-mail.
In essence I'll pay shipping, but I want a free kit to test ;-}
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