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Default Reliable towing motor

I've searched the forums and found a couple of threads about towing. Most recommend the Flyinghorse 4 stroke or the Titan xc50s (the current equivalent seems to be the XC50R MAGNUM). Currently I have a little Honda 35gx setup with a rear chain drive system, its a great little motor but its always had a problem with hills. With the trailer on and stuff loaded in it what is normally just a fun work out becomes a horrid slog, and some where in the middle I become terrified that I'm going to blow out the motor. I have designated spots where I stop, de-gear, turn the motor off and we both have a cool down. This makes what is normally a 20 minute ride take an hour, and I can't pump enough carbs or protein into my system to make that kind of exercise sustainable.

What I'm looking for is a 4 stroke that's the same form factor as my Honda that can take the stress of pulling an trailer load. Load break down is as follows.

Trailer = 10lbs
Chair = 2lbs
Folding Table = 26lbs
Shade Canopy = 15lbs
Other = 10lbs
Me = 108
the bike = 35lbs

Total that the motor has to haul = 209lbs

I would be willing to switch to a center mount 4 stroke but I'm almost positive that the triangle is too small since it was not a consideration when I purchased the bike. I've pretty much settled on getting the Titan, but I'm open to other options, the biggest thing I'm worried about with the Titan is over revving so any information on that would be wonderful too. Though I am in the process of researching it.
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