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Originally Posted by allen standley View Post
I completely agree with LDS here. You hit a 2" pothole (commom everywhere in Maine) @ 25mph you are gonna wreck your front wheel and get hurt. These are bicycles. Be wise and be safe first and foremost. If roads you travel are good I would not understand why you need to go faster than 25. Do you want to race? The streets are not for that. What do you use your bike for? Answer that question before you modify and get hurt on the street. I run a 44T on 4 diff bikes. 25 30 great. Good low end grunt which is most important in rural areas. If you can't keep with traffic keep right. No prob. Be fully reflectored use a front and rear light Day and Night. Be as legal and unobnoxious as you can. I have 2 bikes with 40T on the rear wheel. A little faster, not much but noticebly less Go from stop. Mind you all I do to my engines is lap cyl and head, No serious mods but it suits me fine. It is all about the application intended. I am a back and forth to work and occasional pleasure ride. If you want to race and do 40, 45 + You don't belong on the street with one of these. I want to apologize if I'm bold with my statements and offend but it really depends upon your personal application. Racing or from here to there transportation.
ALSO; Thanks to Tyler! All valid, excellent points.
I have to disagree, have your rear wheel trued by a bike shop buy a hub adapter and you should be all set. If your bike can go fast it could save you from a accident. That doesnt mean you run your motor at 40-45 mph i just means you have that little bit of power left to get out of the way. My wife just broke her wrist in a big pot hole because her bike didnt have the power to pull the front wheel up.
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