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Originally Posted by YesImLDS View Post
Top speed is always going to depend on gear ratio. You can out gear the bike though. I wouldn't recommend going very fast anyways there really isn't any point. I actually bought a bigger rear sprocket for my bike recently just due to the fact that there is no need for me to the top speed of the sprocket I had on there. Just dangerous and brings a bad name to motorized bicycle going ridiculously fast. That's why legislation is being passed now for our bicycles. 44T comes with the kit and that gets the job done. If you want a little bit more I recommend a 40T.
^^this^^ flying around doing stupid speeds on what is still only a bicycle is stupid, things like tires an wheel bearings are not meant for such high speeds

i crashed doing a low 12.5mph (20kph) in november last year due to a guy walking out in front of me i turned and locked my front wheel on grass i shattered my knee an torn 3 ligaments including my ACL which i may yet need surgery on

while i think it was a bit of a freak accident as i've crashed at high speed (before motorizing my bike) it's still made me think about the speeds i've taken my bike to 65+kph (40+mph) top speed, cruise speed is roughly 15-20mph it's a 1260w mid drive ebike by the way

anyway my point is people please be careful you can do a lot of damage to not just to yourselves but to motorized bicycling for everyone..............

ps, yes i'm still in pain everyday an can't yet go bowhunting due to my injury an knee still being very weak an sore

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