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Default Re: What the heck is this


Starter? Or generator? Or both?
I wonder if "electric start" shown on the description list is a typo and that is only a generator because where would you mount the battery? What kind of battery would you use? M/C batt seems like it would be overkill and expensive, 4 rechargeable D cells to make a 6v system would be cheap and light.
It's apparently equipped with both a fully functional generator/charging system and an electric start. The kit comes with a battery box. I don't know whether the generator and the starter motor are separate components, or a dual use item.

I could see where the electric start setup would be handy for jack-shaft setups.

Ludwig II

Perhaps they're backing their engine to last long enough to need easily replaced chain, rather than worn out gears?
What seems to run counter to this in my mind, is the top end setup .. a 1 piece barrel/head effectively makes the top end disposable if ANYTHING is wrong with it. Also it limits upgradability - limits owner tinkering.

Interesting motor - I'm going to watch what others are doing with it/discover the benefits and detractors of the new setup.. but in no way am i going to be an early adopter.
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