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Default Re: Longtime lurker, first time poster

Thanks for the kudos. The original post included images of the right and left side of the bike. I am going to be taking some new pics soon of some tweaks I am making. I am working to tidy up all the cables. I think I am going to go with a spiral wrap and heat shrink to manage the cables at the handlebars. For the clutch, rear brake, and rear hub cables, I am going to install rivnuts
on the underside of the down tube. This will let me use downtube cable clamps

to keep the cables tucked up next to the frame.

A friend of mine used to be a bicycle engineer. He had some old bike parts laying around and had one of these

I took it apart, cleaned everything, put in a D-cell battery and the thing worked! I polished it to a shine and it is mounted on the front fender. I will get some photos of it when I have everything else complete.

And finally, I am building a box to fit between the seat tube and the rear fender. It follows the curve of the rear fender and will be painted to match. I have it fleshed out in cardboard and it is going to blend it nicely. It is going to be big enough for the battery, cdi, light switch, charging connectors and the wiring.
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