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Default Would anyone but me buy a smaller still China Girl?

What I envision is a smaller lighter and quieter China Girl motor, maybe 35 or 38cc with a slightly longer pipe to make it quieter still-

that I can clutch power on, on a traditional lightweight bike, or one of the newer 700C commuter/transportation cruiser.

something like this, or a vintage road frame:

I want a lighter kit- they've pretty much ENDED the 415 Industrial/trike chain with the shorter profile that's half the kit weight- I suppose a 410 might be more viable but I like chain play to keep it on the sprockets-

I want a smaller plastic tank with neither the nipple or the fill hole mounted dead center, so as to be in the Plastic Corporate mold way, for pedaling- or at least give us back the hanging tank for a diamond frame, we've been able to see but not purchase for years now. And I think it's fair to say, after doing my first build in 2009- that any progression in our activities is always TOWARD motorcycles- speed and power- and AWAY from the bicycle aspect.
I want a china girl that more bridges a gap between its' current state, and the rising world of electric bike motors- where batteries are still sky high and not all that long of life.

I see a top speed in the low 20's, but more of a pedal start up to normal speed- then pop on the afterburners- I ride pretty much that way now, and kill the motor approaching any stops- and COAST up to it- a bike and motor with a total combined weight of about 35 or 38 pounds- hey- the same as the cubic inches.

I ride my bike in urban and suburban streets - mostly smooth and flat and I generally make the same 6 mile round trip, although sometimes to other stores and locales. Would anyone else buy a kit like that? Or do I stand alone as an ancient road racer?

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