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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mogollonmonster View Post
Track Fodder, I took that whole sentace as a pun, not sure if that was the intent lol.

Allen Wrench, I was thinking of something else entirely, as such, your bike's name is far more inspired than I had hoped. Tempus is an excellent name for such a bike, as much for the definition as because you like it.

This afternoon, I fiddled with my derailur a bit, I really need to get a new pedal chain and do away with the derailur entirely. Gotta take the 56t over to the boss's place and use his bench grinder to dress the teeth. Didn't really look at it till today, and when I noticed the flat sides of the teeth hadn't been beveled. I checked the Dax website before I called, glad I didn't bother Duane, says in their online kit install instructions, that you'll have to bevel them yourself. Not like I mind, any labor savings on their end is money savings on mine, not that I approve of cutting corners, just some corners don't need to be there to begin with.

Trying to decide on paint color, I'm quite partial to green, but I've heard it's a bad idea as most color blind people can't see green and blues very well. Not sure how much I believe that or care, but I sure won't be using red that's fer sure! Blue, green and black are just about all that appeals to me, I'm leaning towards black or blue, as my '63 Shwinn American is already green, and will get fresh paint before hitting the road. Speaking of the "Troll", I got the crank freed up! The Bendix coaster break is cleaned up awaiting reassembly. Finally got the front fender off, had to cut the gooseneck bolt and use vicegrips on the remnant, but its out and the fender is off. The Breakfree CLP worked wonders on the crank, but the fender bolt was to far gone, even after a month of daily "drip soaking", oh well.

Hey blue! Hope it's warming up over there. Always love your homebrew mods, keep em coming. Got to agree with your point on tires, I'm only going to get so many miles out of a set, so why pay so much more? I run the cheap Kevlar Bells, as even Kendas are $45+ each around here, heck, my bells cost $53 for the pair or somethin like that. Keep it shiny side up, and be safe!
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