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Along with the other benefits of a 4-stroke listed on here, you can just go up to any gas station and refill, so on that end, 4-strokes are recommended. Albeit if you're running a 25-35cc 4-stroke with a Sportster tank or a bigger tank than that, you won't be refilling for a while, and that's just going to and from work, school, the grocer, the wash and dry, wherever you need to go.

....first 'build' will probably be a GX25 or GX35 moped conversion, or any other small 4-stroke moped conversion, to the Adventures 700c that I've been supplementing the bus with, and that moped conversion would replace public transit altogether after getting licensed on my first PTO.

A Briggs 10hp single-cylinder or 20hp opposed-twin board tracker build is yet another idea that is to just stay in my mind for however long is necessary.

inb4 realizing that I necroobumped. ^^;

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