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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I am trying to make my ride safe with the lights etc. needed. I have a diode headlight coming and have mounted bags to contain a motorcycle battery to run stuff They have rear diodes for turn signals. I had a pair of little diode front signals and am trying to make a mount. So far I used a 5/8" O.D. copper tube 12" long with copper caps on the ends drilled to contain the nuts. The wires exit through an oblong 1/4" wide X 3/8" long slot in the middle and wires will be protected with shrink tubing where they exit. I will make a plate to anchor with the handlebar clamp and mount the tube with 2 U-bolts. I have a little turn switch coming that is supposed to contain a flasher but at less tan $2.00 I am skeptical. I already have one that is supposed to have a horn and light button as well but as yet have not figured out the wiring. Maybe the light switch is bi-stable and I need to push harder. At any rate, if I use it, I will need a flasher unit. I can rig a TI NE556 dual timing chip from RS with resistors and capacitors to determine the on and off times. The output doesn't care if they are diodes or filaments. A pair of crappy mirrors are also on the way. I may install a micro-switch over the slack run of the peddle chain to run the brake light.
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