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Default A few things I've learned from building my bike kit

I thought maybe some of this might be good knowledge for those that are building their first kit. I just got through building my first one, but I've learned a lot through the help here and from my own experience.

1. Carry these items with you at all times, they will make life much easier: Small tool kit, extra spark plug, sandpaper (for cleaning a fouled plug), carb cleaner, and a 1 gallon gas can with extra oil.

2. Using the choke to kill the motor doesn't seem to be a viable long-term solution. The motor doesn't seem to like it and seems to cause insta-foul on the spark plug. Must wire kill switch.....

3. Fill your tank just before you run out of gas. The motor definitely does not seem to like running out of gas, and seems to make it more difficult to start once you fill it up. Seems to also cause insta-foul on the plug.

4. Change out the crappy connectors for the wires. They don't seem to provide a decent connection, and mine have a tendency to rattle loose while riding. I've had trouble getting my bike started after one of the wires rattles loose. I've replaced my connections with wafer connectors.

That's about all I've come up with so far. If anyone has any more to add, please do so. It could save myself as well as others a lot of trouble and headaches.
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