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Default Nubie got a Gasbike GT80 Kit

Got my Gasbike GT80 kit the other day. Reading through the forum I ran into a thread about a GT80 engine received with a boogered up port job and metal debris left in the engine by the factory. I pulled the top end and found no debris, clean as a whistle. The porting job looked great. The cylinder bore was excellent. The piston pin clips were correctly installed in their grooves. Still looking for debris I poured about a cup of kerosene in the low end and swished it around and strained it through a white cloth. No debris here either. Before reassembling I put a cup of 16:1 mix in the low end to re oil the bearings that the kerosene washed out and drained that out, lubed the bore and rings and slipped it back together. The components in the kit look good and the Black paint job on the chain guard and tank was great. Still looking for a bike to install this on. I'm a nubie at this and I am building this bike for my grandson. I'll post the results when its finished.
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