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Default Re: Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

Mike, now those are points I understand, and to an extent, can agree. While the place was packed with teenagers, that particular McDonald's has no "play place", on the day in question, no small children were present. Any 13 year-old who doesn't understand motors get hot, don't touch them, needs to learn the hard way. I know that does not constitute a valid excuse, but these are relevant details, that perhaps should have been included in my original post.

Untill I, myself, got physical, I was holding the bike up, no danger of it falling or leaking. The hot spot of the bike was less than six inches in front of me, the gas tank leaning against my leg, for that very reason, to see to it nobody got singed. Perhaps that was what set ******bag off, that I kept Tanglebones in front of me like a fence, I can see how that could be seen as more rude than the bike next to you like you would walk it.

My point being that I was trying to keep all those unfortunate incidents from happening. I'll never know what pissed him off so much, and I don't care. Yes I probably could have found someplace to lock it up outside, but not where it could be seen. Next time I'll try the drive through, as silly as it sounds. They don't take walk ups, but I wouldn't be walking would I? Thanks for a more human reply, I knew you probably aren't really a butthead.

Bike nut, I don't live in Texas for two reasons, their laws are super vauge, and their deer aren't much bigger than dogs. The ebike bicycle thing sounds par for the course over there. Still better than the People's Demokratik Republik of Kalifornia! I'd never live there, bad enough we share a border!
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