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Default Re: Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

I'm truly sorry you live in "tweakerville", but that's not really a good excuse.

Think about it. You brought a home made vehicle with a hot motor and a gas tank full of gas into a crowded restaurant that is noted for having lots of small children running around doing what kids do. If someone got burned it's your fault. If the bike gets knocked over and leaks gas on the floor it's your fault. If a child touches the hot motor and burns himself it's your fault.

The bike in legal terms is known as an "attractive nuisance" and you are liable for injuries.

I got a little excited and probably wouldn't have talked to the manager or the police or the DMV. But I would have left and gone elsewhere, perhaps to the taco bell down the street. Anywhere where there was no motor bike stinking of gasoline in line next to me.

Why not just lock it to a signpost in the parking lot where you can see it through a window?
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