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Default Re: Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

Hey wheelbender! Overgaard is awesome, but snowflake sucks, lived there when I was younger, for 15 years. I live so far out east it ain't really an issue, if I've got gas, I only see a fraction of it on the way to work. While Travis Walton is from Snowflake, and still lives in the surrounding area, the abduction was between Overgaard and Forest Lakes, near Black Canyon Lake, more specifically it occured in an area called Turkey Springs, also the name of the cut Travis was working on.

Last year, they held the Skyfire Summit, here in Overgaard at Bison Ranch. They rented a pair of school busses to take folks out to the abduction site, got them both stuck in the mud, lol. The clientsI was guiding for an elk hunt thought found immense humor in it. I've spent a lot of time in the turkey springs/Baca lake area, very interesting place ( read that as creepy feeling down your spine )

MikeB, I can agree with you to a certain extent, but calling the police over a motorized bicycle in McDonald's? Really? Had you been in my place, you too would have brought your bike inside, or eaten elsewhere, I'm sure. Admittedly, I could have gone across the street to El Cupidos, and got a burrito, where they allow my bike inside as well. Perhaps I should have clarified that this was not Tanglebones' first time in the local golden arches, and that my bike and I are a common sight around town and the mountain in general.

I can see speaking with a manager or other employee, I can even understand calling corporate, but involving law enforcement and wasting tax dollars? I'd rather someone get violent with me than call a peace officer away from his job. We have a genuine problem in my area, maybe you're familiar with Methamphetamine? Its an epidemic here I live on the border of the two top ranking meth producing counties in America, as measured by total volume, not per capita. Roughly 70% of rual residents and around 40% of urban residents are addicted, at all age levels. Most of our crime is theft, for example, I was gone from home for a month, in that time, my house was broken into three different times, as best me and the deputy could figure. On that note, come visit, let's go ride, I'll take my bike in, you leave yours outside, bet your tune changes reall quick like, while you walk down to the PD and report a real crime.

Yes I'm calling you out dude, for a willingness to waste taxpayer money, and diverting law enforcement personnel that should be tracking down my stolen welder and chainsaw etc, rather than taking a statement about a motorbike in a McDonald's. Not one other person complained, and I made a point to ask the other patrons if they were offended by Tanglebones. I appreciate the concept of eating without odor of harsh chemicals, but would you call the police on a mechanic in Burger King? And don't give me any crap about the dirty thing being in the lobby, have you ever looked at your shoes, or thought about what they walk on? The chicken crap on the Vocational Agriculture kids will give you ecoli or salmonella long before my bike. It's thinking like that that ruins things for everybody, strips away personal freedom a little at a time. First its not allowed inside, then not on the (empty here) sidewalks, then not on the state highways, until finally it's just not allowed. If you're a member of this forum, you should realise that you too could be affected by such action. Any freedom you take from me you take from yourself, or is there some kind of feudal class system where you rank higher? Sure you don't see any reason to haul your bike inside, but that might change. What you described doing is exactly how frivolous laws get written, lets go call every one who could possibly get involved and stir the pot, all because someone offended you. DOH!

This is America, MikeB, act like an American!
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