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Default Re: Taking your MB inside, an Arizona incident.

Bikenut, an ebike is a total no go in my circumstances, I've got fifteen miles between me and town, so it's two stroke for me!
And yes, the guy was just a customer, with a chip on his shoulder.

And yes Allen, it's over, Snowflake PD never even gave me a single piece of paperwork. I'm always over prepared, wild animals and such being what they are. My family has a rule, never leave home without a knife, it's mankind's most useful tool. Also, on an average trip to work, I can encounter bear, cougar, bobcat, coyote, wolf, badger, wild dogs, several species of rattlesnake and of course the two legged snakes so commonplace in today's world. None of those are exactly cuddly critters, and my .22 would be a bit inadequate for the larger ones, but better than a stick.

Let my bad experience serve as a guide, situational awareness is key. If I hadn't been in a forgiving mood, I never would have tolerated physical contact, and I'm fortunate the other party was not of a similar aggressive personality to myself. Had my opponent intended me any real harm from the outset, I would have been at a serious disadvantage, possibly forcing me to deploy one of my various weapons.

It should be noted, that I'm not one of the "gunshop commandos" you see so much of. I do have a lot of experience and knowledge, and I do have a number of firearms, but they are mostly hunting weapons. While I'm not what most people or myself would call a criminal, I do smoke marijuana, without a state approved medical card. This leads to unsavory situations with unsavory individuals. Because of the rual nature of my area, coupled with the nature of those transactions, there is a possibility of those situation recurring, although the likelihood is small.

We all make enemies, mostly to different degrees, and those who live in smaller communities, know how how hard it can be to avoid folks we don't like. A good friend and neighbor was shot and killed last month, for silly reasons that had nothing to do with him. Darryl was a great guy, may he rest in peace, but his story would require a new thread.
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