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Default Re: Starting 2 stroke with electric drill

Genius! I've been thinking of a pull start, but haven't quite settled on it. Now I'm a bit further lol! Thanks Mr. Turdle, pics are the best, I'd post more myself, but my phone won't allow me to do some things on the forum, like post pics in a thread, they load to the albums as best I can tell, but nowhere else.

Anywho... Excellent idea and a nice bike, very clean looking from what I could see, again I'm stuck with the phone lol. I live a mile from pavement, but run road tires as it's 15 miles to town. Starting Tanglebones in my sandy driveway, after any precipitation, is almost comical, lots of pedaling and cursing. Your idea could help some there, I've just got to apply it properly, as I have neither a cordless drill, nor (constant) electricity.

Unless I can hybridize your idea with something else, I may have to bite the bullet and buy the pull start and wide crank set. In truth, I'll likely do that anyway, many long moons away, got other things to spend extra cash on before the next "Executive Order"!
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