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Default Gas tank mount prototype

Hey guys, went to work on my bikes to day just doing regular maintenance tightening bolts, lubing etc. Then I noticed my new gas tank I just put on my bike cracked again even with the jb weld and seal all around the studs.

So this time I went ahead and just made a prototype of a completely new mounting system. I have one tank left that isnt broken.

I took a strong piece of plastic and shaped it like an I. I plan on drilling holes into the top bar on the frame and either bolting it if I go through both sides of the frame or I may just drill into the top side of the tube and just rivet it in. Im not sure yet. I will also be adding a 1/4,-1/2 inch rubber washer between the plastic mount and frame.

No more stress on the studs. Hopefully problem solved.

I only seem to have these tank problems with my Kent Glendale because it has a rounded top bar so to get it tight because of its pivot on the top bar I believe the vibration is stressing the steel studs and then causing the fractures in the steel. With the rubber and the plastic mount I think that the vibrations will be cut down a lot.

Its pretty rough for now but I only spent 15 mins putting it together. I'll finish it later this week, it needs more trimming and paint.

I went ahead and attached pictures.
*BTW* Those are scratches from sandpaper not cracks.

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