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Default Re: IDEA! Hidrophobic coated tires for Friction Drive in Rain!!!?


NeveWet SUCKS! Hydrophobic? No! More like "temporarily water repellent", any kind of friction and the stuff is gone. I've used it on all kinds of stuff, boots, coats, guns, a tent, all the stuff it says it's for. The only thing that I've used it on, and it's stayed and remained functional, are a few electronic components in close proximity to wa-wa. Even then, it only sticks to places that don't generate heat, which seems to be an enemy to this stuff, making it USELESS in Arizona. In my experience, WD-40 is much better for keeping things water free, if used properly.

Remember folks, WD-40 is neither a solvent, nor a lubricant, it is a Water Displacement formula. While it can serve as solvent or lube, there are better products for such, but as a water displacer, it is unrivaled. I've used as such in ways most would never think of, like flushing a transmission that had somehow gotten water inside. It was my '85 CJ7, the four speed sucked up some wet, probably through a leaky seal during a creek fording, and had about half a gallon of water inside. After draining my gear oil, there was lots of water left behind, I flushed it with WD while idleing, that tranny is still rock solid!
Sorry, had to rant!
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