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Default MogollonMonster and Tanglebones, 2000 miles later.

Well, the last time I posted here was a few months ago, just before a 400 mile trip from Snowflake to Pheonix AZ, and back. Tanglebones ran just fine, did a good job of pulling the long grades, even with the 44t sprocket.
Lost my master link shortly after coming home, which put me afoot since late February. I've now got two chains and a half dozen spare master links. Waiting on good weather so can get outside and work on the bike, I've got a 56t sprocket to install, and a new, longer, chain to go with it. That'll make the hills easier.

On a unhappy note, my velocar project has been canceled for the foreseeable future. While I was out of town, my house was robbed. They got most of my tools, including my welder. Luckily, my guns are kept in my boss's vault, and thus were safe, unlike much of my reloading gear, and powder stores. On a momentary level, I've lost about ten grand in tools and such. That does not take into account sentimental value of certain items, like my grandaddy's bow, or my mother's medicine bag.
Back to a lighter stuff...
Just sold a Heritage .22 revolver for about three times what it's worth. I'll be putting the money towards one of all time favorite firearms, a North American Arms mini revolver. I've owned several in the past, and can't wait for the next one. Check out their website, fellow mechanophiles, lots of cool stuff.
For those who won't be googleing them, the .22Magnum weighs 7.9oz loaded, and is less than four inches overall. This makes them a perfect bicycle gun, for fending off both four, and, two legged strays, and in a pinch, it'll feed you. With practice, a two inch group at 25 feet is possible, despite a barrel less than two inches long.

Any who, it's been busy the last few months, lots of stuff going on. Looking into a few business ventures that may be promising, also been a lot going on at my little water company, cleaning my 100,000 gallon holding tanks, getting inspections, busy busy.

How fare my brethren abroad, the motorbicyclists of the world?
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