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Default Re: Please take a look at this... what do you think?

I'm not around here very often but when I saw this atrocity I couldn't help but to respond to this ad. As a life long mechanic seeing "hack job" workmanship on anything gets me fired up.
Here's my e mail to the advertiser:

Your bike was brought to my attention in a post on a worldwide motorized bicycling forum.
A good deal of discussion has taken place concerning several disturbing issues that forum members have observed and responded to from the pictures in the ad.
As a motorized bicycle builder and bicycle mechanic myself for over 7 years I have experienced first hand the pitfalls of a motorized bike built with unsafe practices.
Your bike exemplifies many of them and poses a real threat to anyone who will buy this and ride it. It shows your lack of concern for workmanship and more importantly rider safety. Obviously you don't care or know better. If this is a company you are involved with your reputation and legal responsibilities are in jeopardy.

1) First and foremost. You have cut the top tube to fit the engine. You have virtually destroyed the structural integrity of the frame. Where the downtube meets the seat tube at the bottom bracket the welds WILL snap and this bike will fold in half, more than likely very soon after hitting a bump. Very unwise and dangerous decision.

2 )Fuel line is dangerous and a fire hazard dangling in space.

3) Carburetor mounted twisted. Float bowls don't operate correctly on an angle.

4) Chain runs on the wrong side of the pulley on the chain tensioner, also chain is loose
5) Claiming it will go 52mph is highly exaggerated unless you are rolling down a mountainside.
Only a highly modified bike will get into the 40's, and only the best of the best racing bikes will attempt the 50mph speeds.
6) A quick check of Mississippi Laws on motorized bikes states that a "toy vehicle" may not be ridden on any public roads;

What are requirements for a motorized bi
cycle or scooter to be registered?
A motorized bicycle manufactured 1980
and following must have a seventeen
(17) digit VIN conforming to the National Highway and Traffic Safety
Administration requirements. There must
be a decal or plate attached with a
statement that the motorized bicycle meets the Federal Safety Standards. If the
motorized bicycle does not meet these requirements, it is considered a “toy
vehicle.” A toy vehicle may not be titled or registered in Mississippi and may not
be operated on public roadways within this state.

Putting a life time guarantee on that bike is a liability for you. Consider learning about what it takes to build something safe and reliable before you send someone to the hospital on trash like that. When someone gets hurt and it brings attention to media and legislators it will give them one more reason to ban them for good.
The best thing you could do is break it in yourself and work out the bugs before sending some unsuspecting buyer out on it and get really pissed or worse yet really hurt.
Best Regards

It probably won't do anything but at least I've said what needs to be said.
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