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As far as state laws are concerned, I'll need to go get a bike license before starting anything over here, in Oklahoma, even mopeds and scooters require a license, tag, and registration, they just don't require insurance like full-blown motorcycles.

Either way, got my first PTO/vacation coming up in a month or so, and I plan to save up a bit of dough beforehand to apply for an MSF course if there's any available, and hopefully get a bike license, and then start building either a moped or a turbodiesel* motorbike, diesel for the low RPMs, leading to tons of low-end grunt, fuel economy, and just for the cool factor of having an air-cooled single-cylinder or V-twin diesel-powered motorbike, and getting a lot of WTF looks when sticking the green nozzle in the tank, not that an EFI GX35-powered moped wouldn't be cool too, but still.

*The engine, being aircooled, would come NA, but the turbo would be added on.

These two builds in particular are what got me interested in diesel motorbikes:

*Yanmar L100 turbodiesel build:

*Punsun V-twin turbodiesel build:

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