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Thanks! I currently have a couple ideas floating around in my head, either take my current bike, Roadmaster Adventures 700, and swap out the 18-speed pedal gearbox with an engine and 3 gears, or do a little minichopper build out of a stingray, using the same combo.

Engine being looked into is a GX35 OHC 35cc 4-stroke motor and a three-speed trannie, friction-plate clutch if possible or practical, and a mod I'm particularly interested in is the EFI kit for the engine from Ecotrons.

Ecotrons GX35 EFI kit:


Also, Honda may say not to operate the engine with the cover removed, due to injuries from moving parts (cam gear is covered) or burns from muffler (would be replaced with a straight-pipe going to the rear wheel), but it would look much cooler on the frame without the cover, IMO, particularly with the stock tank replaced with an on-frame or in-frame tank.

And as for the Roadmaster that may get a moped conversion, the stock paint would be sanded off, and it would be painted rattle-can black, which would look cooler than the stock paint and decals.

In addition, I wonder if turbocharging the little 4-stroke would be too much on it or not, after it's been fuel-injected of course.

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