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Default Are there any motor-assist friendly cities?

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Goodbye HyriPed and Welcome Gaft

That does sound intresting, snap some pics for us if you can.
I attended a very interesting by world bicycle-friendly urban architech Jan Gehl who has had a big impact on making Copenhagen a bicycle-friendly city, where 35% of workers cycle to work. Also, he was very entertaining.

However, all the examples of bicycle-friendly cities that he used were flat - Copenhagen, Melbourne (Australia) etc.

So I asked the question - whether there were any hilly cities like Hobart where I live (bounded by mountainous hills and a river) where pedal cycling was popular. He had to concede that some cities were very difficult.

He mentioned San Francisco, but mentioned that it was not really practical to cycle much of San Francisco.

The point of mentioning this is that Australia laws permit 200 watts assistance, but that is simply not enough to get around Hobart yet the Lycra Commandos would have you believe otherwise.

Does anyone know of any cities where motor-assistance is accepted as a practical solution to hilly-mountainous terrain?
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